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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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explains. tape blocked off tracks and to regional transit trains in sacramento all day friday 6 investigators with the national transportation safety board arrived hours after a collision that injured more than 20 people and sent 13 of them to the hospital, the majority of them with minor injuries. >>sacramento's regional transit officials say thursday night a train carrying passengers rear ended another train undergoing maintenance testing with 3 workers inside in a statement, a spokesperson wrote safc r t is said and for all that were impacted by the accident. but grateful that there were no serious injuries, the cause of the collision now at the center of 3 separate investigations the ntsb the california public utilities commission and regional transit system are all conducting their own sec rt officials say this is the system second crash in its 32 year history and that its safety record remains one of the top in the transportation industry in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>>i'm taking a look at current temperatures. uh you know it's another hot day out they're in the bay area but apparently is going to get even hotter for the weekend and the inland almost 90 so not as bad as it could be but pretty typical for this time of you know we get heat the summary i was younger i but this weekend is going to get hot. i think some places getting near triple digits over the weekend. i think. >>we'll take some time but that ridge of high pressure has been sticking around now kind of fluctuating back and forth today. we cool just slightly along the still pop some 90's in some of the valleys but this ridge will build in over the next 24 hours tomorrow looks like it'll be a hot day and much of the east bay and then we really start to crank up the heat, especially on sunday and monday that's when temperatures. think by sunday in the upper 90's by monday, maybe some triple digits. so certainly that dome of high pressure sticking around before things are going to begin to cool down as we get into the middle week but temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow they are going to be hot away from the coastline near quality also going to suffer more so no spare the air but we're seeing a moderate amounts of pollutants so building up in
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the north bay and the east bay, the south bay, the coast. the only one that you have some nicer qualities were expecting the nice see breeze to keep it, nice and cool and that atmosphere pretty mixed temperature, wise numbers breaking down like this 70 alcatraz if you're going 70 in the marina 68 downtown san francisco along the coastline will find some patchy beautiful a striped bass are running along the coastline, if you want to go check that out some big ones right out there in pacifica 70's inside the bay here 73 degrees in millbrae 73 in burning game 81 in redwood city and then we start to heat things up big in the south bay, those numbers moving usually in the mid-eighties in many spots and then the east bay that we're going to really feel the heat about 94 in pleasanton 93 in dublin 94 in livermore 90's into danville san ramon walnut creek occurred you name it it's going to be hot most spots and you'll see that in turning the central valley may be size 95 in vacaville while back at the coastline, keeping cool mainly in the 60's. thank you lawrence, you can track
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the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens that's with the kron 4 mobile app download it today. >>also tonight kron four's always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now we will start tonight in the east bay and that's where a brentwood father who was hit by a truck survived he's recovering in the hospital as we speak the accident happened. wednesday in and we feel here at the intersection of 45th and holla streets. the man was on his way to meet his daughter for a dinner and reveal city council member witness, the accident. and he's now calling for pedestrian safety changes in his city, the driver who h t the guy stayed on scene and is cooperating with police. the victim though suffered a head injury. he is expected to eventually recover. a new bart station is coming to the east bay. the bart board of directors approved the creation of the irvington station in fremont the new station will be built near the intersection of oz good road in washington boulevard between the freeman and warm springs, bart stations. it
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will be a 2 story platform station the project will also include construction of a new bicycle trail nearby right now the station is just in the planning stages. bart expects it to be completed by 2026. >>to the north bay new information tonight about a man arrested for sexually abusing children at a church in valais whoa. police say the sexual-abuse dates back to 2007 26 year-old jacob hilton is accused of abusing a child who attended thfirst baptist church on sonoma boulevard. and now more victims have come forward and all of them attended that church. police say some of the happen actually inside the church. a smash-and-grab car break in caught on camera in fairfield the owner of this tesla gives credit to the cars built in camera system that recorded the whole crime and it helped lead police to at least one of the burglars there. the video was clear enough to capture the license plate of the suv that the burglars were driving. police say the smash
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and grabs are not uncommon. >>2 people involved in during in pacific are now behind bars police say re rivera and mercy cent of all are just 2 of 6 people involved in this organized theft ring, they're accused of steely about $70,000 worth of items from stores. things like laptops high and cameras and handbags police say they will carry out arrest warrants for the other thieves in this crime ring. >>one fan sure have a lot to cheer about these days both days and the raiders they do nothing but wait background for jason dumas here with more from that 2 hot teams in the east bay with the a's it matters the is still kind of practice games. i want to see i say is just pre season for the raiders but baby steps got before you can walk they the raiders they arrived in canada ready to play a football game against the packers. >>everyone is excited. the nfl is going to continue to grow its brand globally but raiders got to the stadium in something was up with the
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field. the game was played at i g field in winnipeg, manitoba, which is home of the canadian football league's winnipeg blue bombers. >>in the cfl the goalposts are at the front of the end zone, instead of the back like the in the nfl. so in order to accommodate for the raiders and the packers stadium officials used a path of temporary turf to cover up the spot where the goal post usually go. however raiders and packers and not that surface safe enough to play on so it forced the 2 teams to play on an 80 yard field with the end zone pile on placed at the 10 yard line. not exactly ideal. but in other news, the raiders did win 22 to 21 and they are now 3 on the pre season. now switching gears to baseball the oakland a's are one of the hottest teams in the majors they won 8 of their last 10 and what's even more impressive is who's those wins have come against. >>they are fresh off of a sweep of al east-leading yankees and before that oakland took 3 of 4 from west-leading astros this weekend oakland will host an
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interleague series. but i guess a very familiar opponent. the san francisco giants head over the bay bridge for the second installment of the bay bridge series this season and of course. we'll have highlights from that match up tomorrow night here on kron 4 1st pitch is at 6 oh 7 guys we mentioned a lot about oakland on the other hand, san francisco, the giants. they haven't been training well they've lost 4 in a row there are now 6 games out of on a wild card spot. so. >>things are looking really bleak for non might have to pop in on that game. yeah we'll see if they're already know who to root for though you know you want one but 2 bay area with things. a lot of backlash in san francisco food delivery company is revealing all their workers will now get a changes coming to the controversial tipping policy and after the break we'll tell you about the new vaccine that could prevent this at allergy ce. and since you're like cat lady.
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>>for your help tonight. this is very interesting lets pwople of cat allergies right but they're soon could be some relief a swiss pharmaceutical companies developed a vaccine. but is out for you it's for the cats. the vaccine works by suppressing a lie, so protein that the cats produce which causes the allergies in humans. the company hypo pet said initial trials have shown that the vaccine is well tolerated by the cats. hello. hypo pet says they're hoping that when this vaccine finally becomes available families will no longer have to part ways with their pets because of allergies. >>and good news of dogs are more your speed. a new study says that owning a dog keeps owners heart healthy. that's because dog owners get a lot of exercise they also reduce stress and increase socialization researchers looked at several lifestyle factors and say the dogs benefited people's hearts. more than anything else. >>we can see god working
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through strippers and i say amen to that. >>okay after the break we'll introduce you to the
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>>professionals from 2 very different kind of world, yes coming together to help families affected by the ice raids in mississippi jones reports on the mission shared by both the pastor and a stripper. we're all sinners and we're all saints and we can still help our kids because those kids are everybody's kids, a stripper. >>pastor walk into a no no. this is not the start of a joke. instead it's the beginning over new friendship. >>i'm not a christian i'm not i'm not that kind of weird on the different kind of weird, you know what i mean, but my kind of weird support his kind of weird. >>the unlikely duo both devastated by these images of migrant children separated from their families after an
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ice raided mississippi this month, charging hundreds of undocumented immigrants found a solution. each other. >>we can see god working through a burning bush as with mozes or we can see god working through strippers. >>and i say amen to that after connecting on social media. i turn it way down for him you're welcome. thank you. >>stripper donna call him pastor of clock you miss united church of christ in milwaukee. erickson are working together. >>we made i think $330 and 7 minutes. last saturday we pass around the offering plate. >>donations go to mississippi immigrants rights alliance are kid t-shirts and stickers made by friend lauren feely also raising funds. their mission and helping migrant kids is this a. >>meyer congregation is responding really well to it they're excited about it. they have the same mission when you your blue talk about her
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mission with team blue. it sounds like church. >>proof love and faith in humanity. it's a blessing. all on its own. >>and it's turned into a giant community building events and i think that that's. i think that's a blessing to use his kind of words and we hope that that'll inspire people different religions different backgrounds can come together and work for a higher purpose. >>that was really jones reporting in the to collect donations for the same organization in different ways, blue the shepherd does not ask erickson's conservation to grab their singles and go to the strip club instead his congregation donates to the cause that the church. talk about for fun things you can do it. yet what and i want to talk about the weather. but you said no we're talking about for a fun thing so.
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>>what would you here are privately saying that is not a smooth transition, it's not got a we've got some for fun things may be more around the bay area this weekend yet you can do a lot of things day it's going to get great weekend ahead this go to summer days, this is a fun event a lot of fun in foster city as a carnival they've got all those great rides out there are a ton of food right there on the water there you can check it out mostly sunny skies. >>temperatures in the mid 70's. that's actually going on tonight but continues throughout the weekend too. and this really from one of your art see how about the chocolate in chalk festival that is going to be right there on gore may alley in berkeley, get out there you can draw your chalk art if you will get in trouble enjoy lots of food, a lot of fun out there temperatures going to be in the mid 70's. how about this for this kind of makes me hungry. the italian family fest that takes place in san jose started 11 o'clock tomorrow temperatures are going to be in the mid-eighties old man lots of good food to eat there. and the taco festnval this looks
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fantastic. that is going to be a concord you can enjoy all all the kind of tacos carney does anything you want all the mexican food you can enjoy it is going to be their plan on some hot weather to go along with that hot salsa temperatures going to be up to the mid 90's as we head in towards sunday. things get active out there in the pacific now we've got a storm this is evil continue to be a tropical storm maintaining. strength here 65 miles per hour exact strength was 24 hours ago. this is going to slowly work its way up across the coast near baja begin to push into cooler waters and start to fall apart. that's where it gets interesting is that begins to fall apart some that moisture eventually worked his way up in california and into the bay area maybe a little muggy tuesday night into wednesday as those clouds begin to come in our direction outside now we're seeing some patchy fog moving on shore nice look from timber on the clouds are to be in to fill the bay. temperatures today a it was hot again 94 degrees in livermore 91 in conquered, the temperatures will cool down now with the sea breeze 71 degrees in san francisco. but
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you get the idea, hard numbers now we're talking warmer weather over the weekend plans to mid-nineties the hot spot inland tomorrow. i think upper 90's as we get into sunday and maybe even hotter on monday with some triple digit heat cooling down a muddy toward the middle of next week. doordash is making changes to its controversial tipping policy the delivery company was criticized. >>for putting customers tips towards covering the base pay of drivers doordash you says it's going to increase the minimum base pay for delivery workers. and all tips will be added on top of that. customers will also have the option to leave tips both before and after deliveries made the changes are expected to roll out next month. rodeo...
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>>welcome back road houses are got dying breed right, but there is a taste of the old west in the east bay, you're right that yeah, yeah that
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survey of local for more than 85 years in right now still going strong so tonight on dine and dish from the slick pair of cowboy boots and head it out not surrender. >>steer horns hangover them are casa rendon's straight out of the old wesley clark didn't like what old-school bar with great food local rodeo riders in the lineup of cowgirls the mood is authentic ranch when you come to cars are in day you feel inspired to put on your best cowboy boots built in 1932 by a montana cowboy who came out here to build the call the ca tunnel. but wanted a place for his friends to dream. and it's been serving friends ever since you guys cowboys. we can drink these days by john goi acu started out as a busboy not much has changed here. i see we'll see chin. you can dine amongst an antique gun collection body is the g told me no they weren't
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we for card games, they would slip them up their sleeves it. or you might just admired the painting of local stagecoach robbers get the back story by kendall has been coming here for 65 years this is actually are. this is the house specialty though is fried chicken and gravy with house made this gets smothered in bee keepers honey another favorite is a slab of prime rib with all the fixings whether you dine beside a bucking bronco or cozy up under the giant moose head. serena carries on the spirit of the old west in orinda vicki liviakis kron 4 news you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery, your food truck to dine and dish just send us an e-mail to dine and dish a cropper dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page 1, this fried chicken sandwiches all week because of the whole brouhaha on the run and fried
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chicken there. >>this looks good in this gets are crazy good too full honey on the cause or it off angry right that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thank you for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news ed, prime time right now it's time for kron 4 news at 6 with them more in just a moment on the world all hungry. tonight at 6 o'clock. >>speaking at the democratic convention summer meeting the points the candidates hammered home as they addressed the crowd car smash parts on the ground police say a hit and run driver did all of this damage. what investigators believe the driver was doing right before the yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise. the fiber. month after month,
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>>now at 6 the democratic national committee's summer meeting is in fu swing in san francisco. thank you for joining us tonight. and i'm
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justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight more than a dozen presidential hopefuls are speaking on day 2 of this event among them is a woman. >>i was very familiar with people here in the bay area kron four's dan kerman is live outside of the hilton where this event is still under way tonight dam. >>that woman you're speaking of a senator kamala harris also joined by a couple of the other front runners, bernie sanders as well as elizabeth warren all speaking today. >>we are facing the most important election of our lifetime. it is an election that the feats the most dangerous president in american history. >>at the second day of the democratic national committee summer meeting in san francisco, presidential hopeful bernie sanders was not the only one to take the president to task. >>when you see an america. a government that works great for those with money great for those with connections and doesn't work for much of anyone else. that


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